The 3 Most Famous PHP Frameworks
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The 3 Most Famous PHP Frameworks

In the following lines you'll be learning about frameworks in general and then we'll get to what you came here for: the listing of the top 3 PHP Frameworks. I won't be giving too much details as I wanted to keep my article short but you'll be more than welcome to go to the official website I've listed bellow to understand a bit more if what you are looking is specific.

A little presentation:

Nowadays, there is over 40 different PHP Frameworks that have been used since 2000. This spreading of Frameworks originated from the infatuation of web developers for Ruby on Rails, a web framework based on the Ruby language.

However note that PHP and Ruby are not the only languages that have web frameworks. Python with Django but also Java with Struts, Spring, Wicket or Play have excellent frameworks. The Java frameworks are the first ones that were published and released on the web. 

The creator of Rails wanted to simplify the life of developers by offering new possibilities, more powerful and evolved. The task was done so well with understandable examples that the PHP community started to work on new frameworks. This new infatuation also contributed in the making of advanced features regarding the PHP languages ( for example, the Late State Binding helped with some updates in the language, you may want to check them out on Google).

The 3 PHP Frameworks:


Cocorico ! Symfony ( is a project that has been created by the french Fabien Potencier.

Among the greatest points of this project we could name:

  • The multiple possibilites in the making of administration interfaces
  • A complete documentation
  • The use of Open Source project like Propel or Doctrine

The second version of Symfony, released in 2011, gave an enormous change to the framework in term of functions and optimisation. This evolution is however making Symfony usable by experienced developers.

Zend Framework:

Zend Framework ( ), has the particularity to be owned by Zend, a firm made by the co-developers of the PHP. Therefore, the firm was able to take a honorable place among the greatest. Some editors, like Google, IBM, Microsoft or Adobe, have made some deals with this Zend frameworks in order to build softwares specific to their services.

Zend Studio is an other product that Zend sells, its component were palced in a way to help developers to write codes in an easier way.


CakePHP (, is the PHP framework that is the closest to RoR (Ruby on Rails). Like the others, CakePHP is open source and is well-known for its simplicity.

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