Simple HTML Codes For Photos And Links
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Simple HTML Codes For Photos And Links

Here are some simple HTML codes for making photos and links. Valuable knowledge for anyone working online.

Simple HTML Codes For Links

Here are some simple HTML codes for photos and links, which you may need to use at some stage in your online career. Whether you are writing on a blog, or on an article writing site like Factoidz, you will benefit from having a good understanding of how to write photos and links in HTML.

Let's start by looking at how to do the code for a regular link in simple HTML: Link Text To Show.

This will appear as only the bit that says link text to show, and it will appear as a clickable link, which will take you to the destination in the URL. 

Let's say you wanted it to open in a new window, you would have to put in target="new" after the link in quotation marks, and if you wanted to make it no follow as well, you would put rel="nofollow" in the same place. 

That would look like this: Link Text. You would only want to use the no follow attribute if you didn't want to pass on any link juice to that URL, although no follow links still have benefit in ranking sites.

That's probably one of the most simple HTML codes, and the one I use the most often, the code to make a simple link text.

Simple HTML Code For Photos

The code for a basic photo from a URL is . You can add to this in a few different ways, for example, you can add in the width and height tags. 

That looks like this:

That would look like this: 

To turn a photo into a banner ad, you combine the two different HTML codes for photos and links together, into one long HTML code.

That would look a little like this: .

That's not the actual code I used for this one, (I used my referral link), but by typing the same thing out in HTML for any photo, and any destination URL, you will make a simple photo banner ad with a link that you can click on like this one:

By the way, if you want to join Factoidz, you should join by clicking on that photo. Let's say we want to center it, so it appears in the middle of the page. 

At the very edge of both sites of the whole HTML code, we put the


tags. That seems to be disabled on this site for some reason, but it works most of the time. 

I will now show you how to simulate pressing the space bar, to make an unlimited amount of small moves of something. You use the   HTML code. it's fairly simple, if you want a space, you put it in       like that.


There you have it, some simple HTML codes for photos and links. I'm not an expert at coding, but I do design Facebook welcome pages using the same sorts of HTML, so if you're interested, send me a message at

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Comments (2)

A good beginners guide to HTML code.

Using HTML codes is one of the most flexible ways of creating a webpage or linking webpages to each other. However, it is still better to use Content Management Systems when you are planning to create a dynmaic website. Some of the most popular and easy to use Content Management Systems are Wordpress and Joomla. Please write more informative articles just like this, I really learned a lot, keep it up! (LIKED and SHARED)