How to Make a Simple Painting Program with Visual C#
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How to Make a Simple Painting Program with Visual C#

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a simple painting program using visual c#. Good luck!

             Making a simple paint program with Visual C# is very easy. It requires no programming knowledge at all, and can be made fast. This program will only be able to draw black lines and nothing else. Like I said earlier, it's a very simple program. This application is useless, but will be a good first step in learning to program with Visual C#.

Step 1: Open up Visual C#.

 Step 2: Click the "New Project" button on the side.

Step 3: When it comes up click the "WPF Application" button, then "OK."

Step 4: After this click the "Toolbox" button. It's icon is a wrench and a hammer crossed, and it is close to the top of the screen.

Step 5: Right click inside the toolbox area and then press "Chose Items." The reason you are dong this is so that you can add a tool to the toolbox that isn't there yet.

Step 6: You should see a window come up, when you do make sure you are in the "WPF Components" list. You should all ready be there, but just in case make sure. When you have made sure that that's where you're at, scroll down until you see the "Ink Canvas" tool.

Step 7: Put a check in the box beside it, and then click "OK." This will add the "Ink Canvas" tool to your toolbox.

Step 8: Then scroll down in the toolbox until you see the Ink Canvas tool. Double click it and it should appear on your blank program. You can also click it once and move your mouse to your black program, right click and hold it down as you drag your mouse. This way you can get it to the right size you want it right off the bat.

Step 9: Adjust the size, color, and other properties of the Ink Canvas to your liking. You can adjust the pen color and other things too.

Step 10: You can click the green play button to test out your program and basically you are done!

Step 11: Experiment with it and learn more. Good luck!

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Comments (6)

If there is anything that wan't clear in the artical, just post a comment and let me know. :-)

I like it.


If you have not yet joined Factoidz and would like to, then just go here to get started,

I'm going to have to try this at some point. Instructions seem simple enough to understand. Good work.

very good instructions. simple and to the point!